Purchasing a Wireless Surround Sound System

Wireless speakers have been available for years. Unlike many other wireless devices such as wireless Internet, telephones and headphones, the wireless surround sound system hasn’t caught up in technology or quality. Bluetooth wireless systems are used in mobile phones and computer networking, but high-quality speakers that use the technology to reach the same level of performance as wired speakers still looks far off in the distance.

If you’re looking to purchase a surround sound system that’s wireless, you might want to reconsider your options. Much depends on just how picky you are about your sound system. An aficionado could be terribly disappointed with a wireless system. A casual user and listener, however, might not detect a difference in quality between wired and wireless speakers.

First, it’s important to recognize that a wireless surround sound system isn’t truly wireless, which is probably a big part of the reason that they’re not popular. Since there is lower quality performance, few are willing to sacrifice that for a system that isn’t as convenient as it sounds. In a wireless 5.1 system, for instance, the only wireless speakers are the two rear speakers that go to the left-rear and right-rear of the seating area. The front side and center speakers are wired to the receiver as normal.

There are also wires on the two rear speakers. You don’t have to worry about running wires from the front receiver and speakers, so you do get to enjoy surround sound without trailing wires on the floor or ceiling. But you still have to plug the rear speakers in, as they have their own power source. That means you’ll still have to deal with wires to an outlet. To have truly wireless rear speakers, you need to purchase a set that runs on batteries, and as you can probably guess, these are even lower quality. Keeping the batteries life up can be a chore, and the moment the power starts to go down, so does the quality of sound.

If you’re used to listening to movies and music in high-quality surround sound, there’s a big potential for you to be disappointed by wireless surround sound systems. If you’re used to only the speaker in your television or two stereo speakers giving the output, then you might be pleased with a wireless system, as lower end wireless speakers for TV will be comparable quality to the built in speakers. If you choose to go wireless, opt for a wireless surround sound system from a big name in audio equipment like Denon, rather than a cheap or mid-priced set by an electronics manufacturer. Then you’ll know you’re getting the best possible sound quality you can out of the wireless speakers.

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