Benefits of Wireless Stereo Speakers

The boom-box craze of the 1980s caused many people to get used to the sound from a hand-held system, so it’s easy to see why many people don’t realize the benefits that wireless stereo speakers can offer. While still in stereo, a device like a hand-held stereo with the speakers close together simply can’t match the sound of a system with speakers properly positioned on the left and right. That’s because a stereo system lets each speaker handle a different channel of sound, and when they come at you from two different angles, you get true stereo sound.

The boom-box culture also got people used to the sound of smaller speakers, with some of the speakers in compact stereo systems even smaller than a standard set of computer speakers today. This also hampers the quality of sound, because bigger speakers allow for more vibration and more air displacement around the sound waves, which creates a richer audio wave and better sound. Wireless stereo speakers, on the other hand, because they’re going to be put in place and probably not moved much, are much larger than small boom-box speakers so that they can handle the proper sound output without distortion at higher volumes.

Wireless speaker technology isn’t as advanced as wireless technology in devices like computer networks and cell phones, but if you’re willing to spend the money on a good set of wireless stereo speakers, you can get decent stereo sound that comes pretty close to that of a wired set. If you’re accustomed to high-quality sound, however, you could notice a difference. If you’re used to using standard speakers that come with stereos, or you’re used to listening to an all-in-one device, then you might be thrilled with the quality and the convenience of wireless stereo speakers.

The biggest benefit of a wireless surround sound system is obviously the portability of wireless speakers for stereo sound. You’re not hampered by wires that connect the speakers to a receiver, which makes them easily movable and means that you don’t have to run wires across a room to place the speakers far apart, which offers better sound quality than having them close together. But it’s good to note that most wireless stereo speakers still have to be plugged in, so you’re limited in your placement by the availability of an outlet. You can purchase battery-operated speakers, but these are the lowest quality choice.

Wireless stereo speakers are also perfect for piping music into a second room, as they’ll pick up the radio wave signal from the receiver easily through walls and other obstructions. That means you can listen to your music in the kitchen or even the bathroom if your wireless stereo receiver is in another room, as long as you keep the speakers within about 300 feet of the receiver.

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