Is a Projector TV Best for a Home Cinema System?

Usually, what springs to mind when thinking of a projector TV is an LCD projector that projects the image onto a screen. This is also called a front projection television. Don’t confuse these two-piece systems with a rear projection television, which is a little thicker than plasma or LCD TVs, and uses a lamp . . . → Read More: Is a Projector TV Best for a Home Cinema System?

Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Today’s flat screen TVs offer unparalleled picture quality and size for less money than ever before. And if you’ve put the time and money into choosing just the right television, you’ll want to choose the right LCD TV stand, too. No matter how great your TV looks, if you use a stand or a . . . → Read More: Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Use an LCD Monitor as a TV

For anyone setting up a home theater, the display device is going to be one of the bigger costs. Although LCD and plasma televisions have been reduced in price with the shift towards the new 3D sets, you would still expect to pay well over $1000 for a large, good quality LCD TV for . . . → Read More: Use an LCD Monitor as a TV

Home Theater Setup

Getting a home theater set up correctly can be a confusing task, with lots of new technical terminology to learn. This article has been written to give you a breakdown of the main components of a home theater system, so you can plan with confidence. It is helpful to plan your home theater setup . . . → Read More: Home Theater Setup