Choosing a Plasma TV Stand

If you’ve invested in a high-quality plasma TV, or you’re thinking about buying one, then you should consider the type of plasma TV stand that you’re going to use with it. You may opt not to purchase a stand at all. There are many different ways to set up and mount a flat screen TV, including wall mounts, ceiling mounts and contemporary TV stands that don’t look anything like a standard piece of furniture.

The most common type of plasma TV stand comes right along with the television. A table stand lets the TV stand upright on whatever surface you choose. The stands are manufactured specifically for the televisions and able to hold their size and weight with no problems. They’re typically made in the same color and material as the casing on the television, so at a glance they look like part of the TV. These stands consist of a base that’s long and wide enough to offer good support, while holding the television anywhere from about 2 to 4 inches off the surface.

If you plan on moving the television and don’t want any kind of more permanent mounting solution, then using the table stand that comes with the TV is ideal. You’re not tied down to a wall or ceiling mount, so that if you rearrange your room, you can simply move the TV to the best space for the new layout without having to move brackets and drill more holes into the walls.

The furniture that you purchase to put your television on is also commonly called an LCD or plasma TV stand, though they’re also still sometimes called an entertainment center. A plasma TV stand of this type, however, is designed for the size and shape of a flat screen television. While older entertainment centers might have left an empty square of space for a 19″ or 27″ television, today’s TV furniture is designed for the wider shapes of plasma and LCD televisions.

Because many people prefer larger TV screens, many plasma TV stands don’t just leave a cubicle opening in the middle for the television, but instead serve as a type of cabinet with empty space on top for the TV. This allows you to purchase almost any size television without having to buy a new piece of furniture.

Don’t think you’re stuck with a traditional wooden cabinet, either. You can find stands for plasma TVs made from metal and glass for a contemporary look, and in unique designs like “x” designs with shelves at the base, as well as round stands, to give your room and entertainment area an individual and stylish look.

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