Mordaunt-Short Speakers

Most of us will have met them at some point – the home theater nuts that obsess over every last component in their system, not blinking at paying top dollar for some exotic brand of speaker cable. It’s safe to say that if you surveyed a gaggle of these enthusiasts, Mordaunt-Short speakers would feature prominently among the brands used.

Mordaunt-Short are a British company who have been producing home audio gear for a long time, and have a reputation for making speakers that look great as well as sounding the business. Although they are certainly associated with high end gear, don’t be put off if you aren’t made of money – there are some affordable speakers in their range. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in the range.

Avant 900i series

There are a wide variety of speakers in this range, which generally follows a fairly classic design scheme with blond or tan or black wood finishes and an aluminium front plate. The 902i bookshelf speakers have two drivers per speaker, and are rear ported. These speakers have a great reputation for lower and mid range frequency sound reproduction in particular, with a frequency response of 55Hz – 22KHz. These speakers have been discontinued recently, so you will need to shop around if you want to try to snap some up.

Also in the 900i series are the Mordaunt-Short904i, 906i and 908i floor standing speakers. These are larger versions of the 902i, with the series gaining an extra driver in the mid range 906, and a woofer built in with the 908.

Performance series

Perhaps the most interesting speakers for home theater applications is the Mordaunt-Short Performance series. These sleek, distinctive speaker units are designed with home theater in mind and have magnetically shielded drivers to reproduce a wide frequency range with clarity, working off an advanced, high quality crossover. The range starts with the Performance 2, a lite version of the speakers that is relatively compact. Drivers are a woofer and a tweeter, with a very unusual diffuser design that pokes out of the enclosure. At the upper end of the range is the Performance 6 floor standing speaker. Sitting 1.2m high. It has a tweeter, mid/bass driver and two (!) woofers. Adding to the stereo speakers is the Performance 5, a dedicated centre speaker, and the Performance 9 – an amazing 1000W RMS subwoofer with twin 10 inch/25cm drivers.

There are lots of other novel designs in the Mordaunt-Short range of speakers, with the Mezzo and Genie being worth a look as well, for smaller home theater setups. But whichever of these speakers you choose will not leave you disappointed (assuming you can afford any of them at all.

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