Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Today’s flat screen TVs offer unparalleled picture quality and size for less money than ever before. And if you’ve put the time and money into choosing just the right television, you’ll want to choose the right LCD TV stand, too. No matter how great your TV looks, if you use a stand or a method of mounting that’s not right for the room or for the way you watch TV, then you’re probably going to end up disappointed.

The television itself should come with a tabletop stand that lifts it up from 2 to 4 inches off whatever surface you place it on. But you may have to shop for an LCD TV stand to have a great place to lift the actual unit to a good viewing position. Most are designed so that whether you get a small TV or a 50″, you can still put the TV on top. Unlike the very dated TV and entertainment centers that boxed in the television sets, these typically have the shelves and drawers below with a flat surface on top that can support just about any size television.

Do look at the specs on the furniture, as some pieces are specifically designed for certain sizes. A 42″ LCD TV stand, for instance, will probably still hold a 50″ LCD screen, but it might have been created to look best with a smaller TV on top.

This modern design works well if you have a nice suite of home theater gear to show off. If you have lots of cables and devices though, consider a closed cabinet.

Whether you’re looking for a unique TV stand, or you want something that’s more functional than beautiful, you can find something that will fit into your room perfectly. You can check the big box and electronic stores locally, as well as furniture stores that might have pieces like small sideboards that aren’t designed as TV stands but will work perfectly. Or you can go online and search the thousands of different designs and styles available to find something that appeals to you.

If you want a home theater experience in your room, you might want to dispense with the TV stand altogether and choose to mount your television on the wall to give it more of a big screen feel. You can also opt for a stand for an LCD TV that mounts to the ceiling and holds the TV on a platform with a movable arm, so you can adjust the angle. This is great for a room that’s large with lots of seating on all sides.

If you want to avoid adding a heavy-looking piece of furniture to your room, you can find floor pedestals that work as plasma or LCD TV stands that won’t add bulk to the room but will still support your TV safely.

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