Splurge on Home Theater Seating

A home cinema is a haven for people who love to watch television and, in particular, people who love to watch movies. You can reproduce that movie-theater feeling at home with a big-screen television, a quality surround sound system and comfortable seating. If you’re going to go to the expense and trouble of purchasing the necessary components to get a truly cinematic experience in your living room or den, then why not get some quality theater seating and make it truly like going to the movies, only better?

Home theatre chairs don’t have to be that fancy. You might be content to sit on your couch and watch movies. How you choose to sit won’t affect the quality of the sound or picture. But if you’re a movie fan and enjoy the theater experience, the right seating can be a luxury in your own home. At a minimum, you should make sure that the seating, regardless of what kind it is, is as comfortable as possible and directly facing the screen.

Think about how many people will typically use the room at the same time. A loveseat or standard couch might be enough for 2 to 3 people to regularly watch movies, but if you tend to have more than that watching at one time, you’ll want home theater seating to accommodate them. If you prefer a couch to individual theater-like seats, then you can look at standard sectionals for more seating. But sectionals, when used together, typically form an L-shape. And unless you plan to angle the main part of the couch so that the other part is angled as well, it’s going to make an awkward angle of viewing for some people.

All home theater seating needs to face forward in order to make it a pleasant viewing experience for everyone. Imagine going to the movies, sitting sideways and having to watch with your head turned for 2 hours. So look at what’s known as home theater sectionals that are made in a slight curve rather than the standard L-shape. These typically come in 2 to 5 pieces so you can have a variety of different arrangements.

Or set up a home theater room using a line of home theater seating that rivals the seats in your favorite cinema, with room on the sides and a high backrest with a neck rest, as well. You can find seating that looks and operates just like real cinema seats, complete with fold up seats, or you can opt for comfortable, recliner-like home theater seating complete with cup holders and places for snacks.

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