Home Theater Décor – Practical Tips

You’ve got the high-resolution projector and screen (or that big-screen TV), the amazing surround sound system and the most comfortable theater seating you could find. The only thing missing now is your home theater décor. Decorating the room to give it a cinema feel isn’t necessary, of course, but it can make a dedicated home theater room more fun and add to your enjoyment every time you use the room.

If the room isn’t a dedicated theater, then you probably won’t want to go wild and recreate the inside of a vintage movie hall. But you should consider how much light there is in the room and if that light can be removed when you’re ready to watch a movie. A room that’s too light won’t feel much like a theater, so you might want to sew or purchase drapes that can be drawn to block outside light or purchase room darkening shades. These can be left up at other times and pulled down only when you want to enjoy your home theater.

If the room will primarily be used as a theater, you have a little more flexibility in decorating and can have a little more fun. If you want to recreate a true theater experience, you’ll want dark walls instead of light. You can paint the walls a dark color or even black for the best theater-like results.

Consider black drapes and/or home theater curtains. Avoid mini-blinds unless you have thick drapes, or you could end up with tiny lines of light running across the screen or a wall. If you want to go all out in your home theater décor, choose a black or red velvety material as your drapes and even to hang on the wall around your screen. This mimics the appearance of a real movie screen and adds a fun touch to home theater viewing. Even in a room that’s not a dedicated theater, framing the screen in this way adds a fun touch and can make the screen pop against the dark background which makes it clearer and brighter.

Other fun touches include popular home theater décor motifs. Movie tickets, movie reels, film cells, popcorn buckets and other things commonly found in theaters can be fun knick-knacks or decorations for the walls. Movie posters are also a fun touch, framed and hung on the sides of the room. This will break up all the black or dark color of the walls and give your home theater décor an even more cinema-like feel.

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