Home Theater Chairs

Often, one of the last parts of an in-home cinema to get any attention is the home theater chairs. Much time gets spent on choosing the type of television or projector and screen, and a top-of-the-line surround sound system. But the quality of your theater seating will determine how comfortable you are while you’re enjoying the technology you surround yourself with, so be sure to get something that works in the room and fits the way you like to watch movies.

The Internet offers a wealth of resources for someone trying to determine which home theater chairs or seating options are best, so look at many online sources to get an idea of the options that are available. You might see choices you didn’t even know existed—like authentic, folding-seat theater chairs—and get some idea that will work great in your home.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing home theater seating is to think of who’ll be using the seating and how they typically watch movies, play video games or watch TV. If everyone’s content to spread out on the floor with pillows or lounge on a couch, then it’s simply a matter of finding a comfortable couch and maybe some floor cushions to provide enough seating and lounging room. If you’re going to have parties in the room with neighbors or other guests coming over to watch sporting events or movies, then you’ll want to provide proper seating on either couches or home theater chairs, because you won’t know if your guests would be comfortable on the floor or in unusual seating options.

If the idea of authentic theater seating sounds like fun, but you want to be able to be cozy with the person next to you like you could on a couch, then purchase a sectional, which looks like a line of recliners without armrests between them. Otherwise, you’ll want thick and comfortable armrests because people are usually more comfortable when seated if they can put at least one arm on an armrest. Look for home theater chairs that have high backs like high-end movie theater seats, so that it’s easy to rest your head against the back.

For maximum comfort, choose home theater chairs with an extendable footrest that can be extended without the chair leaning back, but with the option for the back to lean a little if you want so you can adjust the chair as you need to for maximum comfort. You can easily spend thousands on quality home theater chairs, so shop around and test as many as you can before making a decision.

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