Choosing a Plasma TV Stand

If you’ve invested in a high-quality plasma TV, or you’re thinking about buying one, then you should consider the type of plasma TV stand that you’re going to use with it. You may opt not to purchase a stand at all. There are many different ways to set up and mount a flat screen . . . → Read More: Choosing a Plasma TV Stand

Setting Up Your Wireless Home Theater

First of all, if you haven’t already purchased a wireless home theater setup, then really think about whether getting wireless is important to you. If you’re dreaming of no wires and the ability to put speakers where you want without being hampered by those connections, think again. Even things like ceiling speakers and in . . . → Read More: Setting Up Your Wireless Home Theater

Home Theater Wiring

Whether you are setting up a complete home theater system or just adding a new device to your existing setup, it can be confusing figuring out the best way to connect it all up efficiently while maintaining the best signal quality. Often there are several ways you can do things, so it pays to . . . → Read More: Home Theater Wiring

Which Speaker Brackets are Best?

When you’re ready to mount your speakers, you have a few choices in the types of speaker brackets you buy. You can buy speakers and mounts today based on their function or how they look and whether or not they’re very noticeable or fade into the background. Speaker mounts made today are typically designed . . . → Read More: Which Speaker Brackets are Best?

Choosing and Installing In Ceiling Speakers

If you’d like the sound of a home theater surround system without having to mount several speakers on your wall or leave them sitting on shelves, then in ceiling speakers are a great alternative to traditional floor speakers. These are recessed into your ceiling and are usually flat with the ceiling or slightly domed, . . . → Read More: Choosing and Installing In Ceiling Speakers

Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Today’s flat screen TVs offer unparalleled picture quality and size for less money than ever before. And if you’ve put the time and money into choosing just the right television, you’ll want to choose the right LCD TV stand, too. No matter how great your TV looks, if you use a stand or a . . . → Read More: Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Planning Home Theater Rooms

When setting up a home theater, buying the audiovisual equipment is the first thing on many people’s minds. But to make your lounge into something more than just a room with a TV in it, and truly enjoy home theater in style, you need to think about setting up a dedicated home theater room. . . . → Read More: Planning Home Theater Rooms

Bose Acoustimass – Wireless Addon Adapter

One of the pitfalls of home theater is the mess of cabling you end up with once you have everything strung together. Between power for your components, HDMI or other connection between your input device, receiver and TV and speakers, and of course 5 strings of speaker cable if you’re running a surround . . . → Read More: Bose Acoustimass – Wireless Addon Adapter

Speaker Wall Brackets

Speaker brackets… Hardly the most technological, riveting, dazzling piece of gadget you might think, but in some situations, a decent pair of these little babies will make setting up your home theater system a million times easier. So, lets take a look at how you can put them to use at home.

There are . . . → Read More: Speaker Wall Brackets