Home Theater Décor – Practical Tips

You’ve got the high-resolution projector and screen (or that big-screen TV), the amazing surround sound system and the most comfortable theater seating you could find. The only thing missing now is your home theater décor. Decorating the room to give it a cinema feel isn’t necessary, of course, but it can make a dedicated . . . → Read More: Home Theater Décor – Practical Tips

Setting Up Your Wireless Home Theater

First of all, if you haven’t already purchased a wireless home theater setup, then really think about whether getting wireless is important to you. If you’re dreaming of no wires and the ability to put speakers where you want without being hampered by those connections, think again. Even things like ceiling speakers and in . . . → Read More: Setting Up Your Wireless Home Theater

Wireless Home Theater Systems – Are They Truly Wireless?

You love the idea of having a home theater with a great quality display and awesome surround sound, but the idea of running wires all over the room doesn’t appeal. The lure of wireless home theater systems is understandable. But it’s important to know, before you head out the door with your credit card . . . → Read More: Wireless Home Theater Systems – Are They Truly Wireless?

Is the iPad The Ultimate Universal Remote?

Something that really caught on with the iPhone was the ability to use it as a remote control for iTunes on your mac or PC. In fact the official Apple Remote control for iTunes was one of the first applications available when the iPad was launched. Fast forward to January 2010 and Apple launched . . . → Read More: Is the iPad The Ultimate Universal Remote?

Splurge on Home Theater Seating

A home cinema is a haven for people who love to watch television and, in particular, people who love to watch movies. You can reproduce that movie-theater feeling at home with a big-screen television, a quality surround sound system and comfortable seating. If you’re going to go to the expense and trouble of purchasing . . . → Read More: Splurge on Home Theater Seating

Purchasing a Wireless Surround Sound System

Wireless speakers have been available for years. Unlike many other wireless devices such as wireless Internet, telephones and headphones, the wireless surround sound system hasn’t caught up in technology or quality. Bluetooth wireless systems are used in mobile phones and computer networking, but high-quality speakers that use the technology to reach the same level . . . → Read More: Purchasing a Wireless Surround Sound System

Tips for Choosing a Home Cinema Projector

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing a home cinema projector is the resolution you want. If you’re used to watching a standard television, then you might be surprised at how much the picture clarity and crispness improves when you watch something through a projector. Of course, if you choose . . . → Read More: Tips for Choosing a Home Cinema Projector

Home Theater Wiring

Whether you are setting up a complete home theater system or just adding a new device to your existing setup, it can be confusing figuring out the best way to connect it all up efficiently while maintaining the best signal quality. Often there are several ways you can do things, so it pays to . . . → Read More: Home Theater Wiring

What to Know before You Buy a Ceiling Speaker System

For those who want a decent sound system, but might not use it often enough to justify a big setup with floor speakers and an amplifier, there is another option. A ceiling speaker based system lets you enjoy great sound quality without taking up space on your floor, shelves or walls. This type of . . . → Read More: What to Know before You Buy a Ceiling Speaker System

Is a Projector TV Best for a Home Cinema System?

Usually, what springs to mind when thinking of a projector TV is an LCD projector that projects the image onto a screen. This is also called a front projection television. Don’t confuse these two-piece systems with a rear projection television, which is a little thicker than plasma or LCD TVs, and uses a lamp . . . → Read More: Is a Projector TV Best for a Home Cinema System?

Home Theater Chairs

Often, one of the last parts of an in-home cinema to get any attention is the home theater chairs. Much time gets spent on choosing the type of television or projector and screen, and a top-of-the-line surround sound system. But the quality of your theater seating will determine how comfortable you are while you’re . . . → Read More: Home Theater Chairs

Benefits of 2.1 Home Theater Systems

The standard surround sound speaker system is a 5.1, but there are still plenty of good quality 2.1 speaker systems arround. A 5.1 system has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, while a 2.1 home theater setup is reduced to 2 speakers along with the subwoofer. There are also bigger systems which are ideal for . . . → Read More: Benefits of 2.1 Home Theater Systems

Samsung Home Cinema System Choices

Samsung has been a leading brand in electronics for decades, so it’s no surprise that they’re the first ones to put a 3D system on the market. The Samsung HT-C6500 3D Blu-Ray home cinema system is the first of its kind, but with the growing popularity of 3D televisions and 3D media, it’s definitely . . . → Read More: Samsung Home Cinema System Choices

Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Today’s flat screen TVs offer unparalleled picture quality and size for less money than ever before. And if you’ve put the time and money into choosing just the right television, you’ll want to choose the right LCD TV stand, too. No matter how great your TV looks, if you use a stand or a . . . → Read More: Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Planning Home Theater Rooms

When setting up a home theater, buying the audiovisual equipment is the first thing on many people’s minds. But to make your lounge into something more than just a room with a TV in it, and truly enjoy home theater in style, you need to think about setting up a dedicated home theater room. . . . → Read More: Planning Home Theater Rooms

Bose Acoustimass – Wireless Addon Adapter

One of the pitfalls of home theater is the mess of cabling you end up with once you have everything strung together. Between power for your components, HDMI or other connection between your input device, receiver and TV and speakers, and of course 5 strings of speaker cable if you’re running a surround . . . → Read More: Bose Acoustimass – Wireless Addon Adapter

Constructing A HTPC – Part 2

In the first part of this article, building a home theater PC, we looked at how to plan out your system. Once you have chose your components, the fun starts – putting it all together! Luckily building a home theater PC is not hard. If you can handle a screwdriver without stabbing yourself, you . . . → Read More: Constructing A HTPC – Part 2

Building A Home Theater PC

Setting up a home theater involves choosing the features you want the most in your system, then cherry picking from a range of models and types of home theater gear to end up with something that meets all of your needs. While putting together a system in this way is a good, easy option, . . . → Read More: Building A Home Theater PC

Use an LCD Monitor as a TV

For anyone setting up a home theater, the display device is going to be one of the bigger costs. Although LCD and plasma televisions have been reduced in price with the shift towards the new 3D sets, you would still expect to pay well over $1000 for a large, good quality LCD TV for . . . → Read More: Use an LCD Monitor as a TV

Bose Acoustimass 6 Speakers

Setting up a home theater system in a smaller space can be a challenge. Most surround sound systems call for fairly large speakers to achieve reasonable quality, loud sound, and also mean trailing wires across a room. Of course, there are ways around this, like the use of speaker brackets or a wireless speaker . . . → Read More: Bose Acoustimass 6 Speakers

Home Theater Seating

Setting up your home theater involves careful planning, testing of different components and finally, shopping around for all of the components at the best price. With all of this to think about, it’s no wonder that many consumers overlook one of the most important parts of the system – the home theater seating! If . . . → Read More: Home Theater Seating

Floor Speakers

When you are making your initial decisions about speaker choice for your home theater, one of the primary considerations will be just how much space you have to fit everything into your lounge room. Fortunately, speakers come in various styles and sizes, allowing you to use as much or little speaker as will be . . . → Read More: Floor Speakers

Mordaunt-Short Speakers

Most of us will have met them at some point – the home theater nuts that obsess over every last component in their system, not blinking at paying top dollar for some exotic brand of speaker cable. It’s safe to say that if you surveyed a gaggle of these enthusiasts, Mordaunt-Short speakers would feature . . . → Read More: Mordaunt-Short Speakers

Logitech X-230 Speakers Review

Although many audio devices have built in speakers or headphones as standard, you can gain a surprising amount of volume as well as quality by adding a relatively inexpensive set of powered speakers. There are lots to choose from, but Logitech’s X-230 speakers are one of the better choices around, hitting the sweet spot . . . → Read More: Logitech X-230 Speakers Review

Wireless speakers for TV

So, you bought the big TV, bluray player, and home theater seating, and you’re ready to crank up the sound. But wait – is that all your TV can really produce? Although the latest TVs give superior resolution and image quality, the sound they produce can sometimes be described as satisfactory at best. Fortunately, . . . → Read More: Wireless speakers for TV

Speaker Wall Brackets

Speaker brackets… Hardly the most technological, riveting, dazzling piece of gadget you might think, but in some situations, a decent pair of these little babies will make setting up your home theater system a million times easier. So, lets take a look at how you can put them to use at home.

There are . . . → Read More: Speaker Wall Brackets

Home Theater Setup

Getting a home theater set up correctly can be a confusing task, with lots of new technical terminology to learn. This article has been written to give you a breakdown of the main components of a home theater system, so you can plan with confidence. It is helpful to plan your home theater setup . . . → Read More: Home Theater Setup