Home Theater Décor – Practical Tips

You’ve got the high-resolution projector and screen (or that big-screen TV), the amazing surround sound system and the most comfortable theater seating you could find. The only thing missing now is your home theater décor. Decorating the room to give it a cinema feel isn’t necessary, of course, but it can make a dedicated . . . → Read More: Home Theater Décor – Practical Tips

Splurge on Home Theater Seating

A home cinema is a haven for people who love to watch television and, in particular, people who love to watch movies. You can reproduce that movie-theater feeling at home with a big-screen television, a quality surround sound system and comfortable seating. If you’re going to go to the expense and trouble of purchasing . . . → Read More: Splurge on Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Chairs

Often, one of the last parts of an in-home cinema to get any attention is the home theater chairs. Much time gets spent on choosing the type of television or projector and screen, and a top-of-the-line surround sound system. But the quality of your theater seating will determine how comfortable you are while you’re . . . → Read More: Home Theater Chairs

Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Today’s flat screen TVs offer unparalleled picture quality and size for less money than ever before. And if you’ve put the time and money into choosing just the right television, you’ll want to choose the right LCD TV stand, too. No matter how great your TV looks, if you use a stand or a . . . → Read More: Find the Right LCD TV Stand

Planning Home Theater Rooms

When setting up a home theater, buying the audiovisual equipment is the first thing on many people’s minds. But to make your lounge into something more than just a room with a TV in it, and truly enjoy home theater in style, you need to think about setting up a dedicated home theater room. . . . → Read More: Planning Home Theater Rooms

Home Theater Seating

Setting up your home theater involves careful planning, testing of different components and finally, shopping around for all of the components at the best price. With all of this to think about, it’s no wonder that many consumers overlook one of the most important parts of the system – the home theater seating! If . . . → Read More: Home Theater Seating