Bose Acoustimass – Wireless Addon Adapter

One of the pitfalls of home theater is the mess of cabling you end up with once you have everything strung together. Between power for your components, HDMI or other connection between your input device, receiver and TV and speakers, and of course 5 strings of speaker cable if you’re running a surround system, it’s easy to end up with an unmanageable tangle. Wireless speakers for TV or stereo alike are a great way to cut out some of this mess and make your home theater setup experience much more fun!

One example of a wireless speaker solution, that can be retrofitted to a kit like the Bose Acoustimass 6 surround speakers is the Bose SL2 Wireless Surround Link. This add on adapter allows you to cut out the speaker cables and connect the rear speakers by wireless. Paired with some speaker wall brackets, this setup is a great way to enjoy surround sound without the inconvenience of a bunch of cables running across your room, and is also quite affordable. Bose offer the UB-20B Wall/Ceiling Bracket as well as the UFS-20 Universal Floor Stand as mounting options.

The SL2 system is compatible with all Bose Lifestyle and Acoustimass speaker systems.

Bose Wireless Speaker & Stand Solutions

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