Buying a 15 Inch LCD TV

Buying a TV for your home theater setup is a big choice. But once you have made it, you might just be out shopping for another TV a bit sooner than you thought! With the plethora of small size LCD TVs around, having a second or third screen for the bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom is becoming a popular choice for many homeowners! Since this type of TV is really just for casual use, it doesn’t have to be large. 15 inch LCD TVs are very popular for this type of use, and LCD technology actually makes a lot of sense at this size. Larger LCD TVs can cause problems with color reproduction due to the difficulties spreading light evenly across the screen. Smaller LCDs have no such disadvantage though, offering even, bright color across the screen which negates the drawbacks of the smaller sized screen to some extent at least. If you plan to use a small screen in this way, and might be placing it in an area near open windows, choose a matte screen rather than glossy. Glossy screens are better suited to areas that are likely to be dark when in use, as they can suffer from excessive reflections near windows but otherwise seem to offer a richer picture.

The other benefit of an LCD screen (although plasma really isn’t available in such a small size, is the life span of the screen, with LCD lasting for up to a claimed average of 60,000 hours.

Let’s take a look at a few popular models – all of these are available from, a premium online retailer.

Coby TFTV1525 15 LCD TV ATSC - NTSC - HDTV - 16:9 - 1366 x 768 - 720p Coby TFTV1525 LCD HDTV – 720p

The Coby is a cheap 15 inch LCD TV but isn’t lacking in quality. It features a built in digital TV tuners, meaning that it is ready for use anywhere in the home. Connection is by HDMI or DVI, meaning that it is easy to connect up a portable DVD player or even use this screen as a PC monitor in a pinch. I use a screen this size as an LCD TV monitor to connect up to my netbook when in the kitchen and looking up recipes.

Toshiba 15LV506 15 TV/DVD Combo - 15 - ATSC, NTSC - 16:9 - 1366 x 768 - Stereo Sound - HDTV - DVD-R, DVD-R/RW, CD-R, CD-RW - 720p Toshiba 15LV506 – 720p

The Toshiba 15LV506 is a middle of the road model in terms of price, but receives great reviews. The white styling is well suited to contemporary kitchens, and this model is packed with a surprising range of features for the price. The 15 inch screen has built-in tuners so you can receive standard / analog and digital over-the-air broadcasts. A DVD player is included but in a great addition, the drive is capable of playing MP3 CDs through the built in stereo speakers.

Naxa NTD-15-555 15.6 Widescreen LCD HDTV TV w/DVD Player & ATSC Tuner Naxa NTD-15-555 Widescreen LCD HDTV

This is a widescreen LCD TV from Naxa, with one great feature – a built in DVD player as well as a digital TV tuner. The monitor stand swivels, so it can be easily viewed no matter what corner it is stuck in. Adding to the convenience of use are the controls mounted on both the top and side panel.

Input is covered comfortably with HDMI and component input for audio/video, as well as VGA input allowing use as a monitor for your laptop or PC. Naxa provide a one year warranty with this screen.

There are a host of other models out there, with prices ranging from under $200 for a cheaper screen right through to $400+ for a good quality model with extra features. The price you spend will ultimately be determined by budget considerations and of course how often you expect to use your new TV, but don’t be afraid to spend a little more if it will get you the features you want. Most shoppers have found that after spending a little more upfront, they get a model that meets their needs for years to come.

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